3 Benefits of having multi-functional furniture in your space

If you stay in a small home or apartment then you know the challenges that come with it. The major issues being , not having enough space to fit in all the furniture that you need in order to make your home feel inviting and be functional at the same time.

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8 style tips that you should know to master your small living room layout

It is often more difficult to style a small living room than it is a larger space as you need to work cleverly to make the space beautiful and functional. All too easily it can become overcrowded and anything but inviting. The aim is not just to make your furniture layout and style of your space [...]

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6 of the best compact sofas for modern small space living

If you are anything like us then you spend your best part (our favourite part) of the week lounging on the sofa, so it makes sense to choose your next one carefully. Especially if you live in a small apartment or house with minimal space. But how do you choose the right sofa and what type do you go [...]

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