Watch: Is this going to change the way we shop? (Yes it will!)

Shopping is under pressure around the world as customers prefer to shop online instead of going to the store. 

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How to Find a Sofa That Tells Your Story

 Your home tells a story in many ways, from gallery walls of family photos, to treasures collected over the years, but did you know that your sofa is also part of the story telling in your home?

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5 Things You Need to Know About What Makes A Comfortable Couch

Sofas are one of the most important furniture investments you can make. You may be anxious to make a purchase but first consider its level of importance. There’s a lot to consider before you buy. You don’t want to regret your decision a few years down the line. After learning some important focus [...]

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10 common mistakes to avoid when buying new lounge furniture

Deciding to freshen the look of your home with brand new furniture is an exciting decision. With all the designs, colours, and styles on the market – it’s a lot to take in. Use this list to educate yourself and avoid making these 10 common mistakes.

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How to buy the sofa that's right for you

There are many reasons to decide to purchase a new sofa. You may have moved and your current furniture no longer works in your new home. Or you could just be weary of looking at the same old furniture. Whatever your motivation, we’re here to teach you how to buy a sofa that’s right for you.

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