How to get Black Friday prices today

by Sasha-Lee Kinnear On: Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner and many people want new furniture right now but are waiting for the Black Friday sales to get the best deals. I am guessing that you are one of them which is why you are reading this right now. If you are looking for a stunning sofa or maybe an outdoor umbrella, then you really don’t have to worry about losing out on any special prices that might come up on Black Friday. Why? Read on...

Empire-L-Shape-Sofa-with-OttomanEmpire L-shaped sofa (indoor)

Mobelli will be taking part in Black Friday - but because we care about our customers we want to make your life easier. How will we do that? Well, it's simple really - let's say that you buy a sun lounger today and it goes on sale on Black Friday, we will refund you the difference! No strings attached. This means you can buy now with piece of mind you won't lose out on any special offers, you'll still save with Mobelli.

Piatto-sun-loungersPiatto sun loungers (outdoor)

So, there is no need for you to wait in anticipation until Black Friday comes before you can have that beautiful piece of furniture in your home or outdoor area right now.

Avoid the hustle and bustle which Black Friday brings and buy now without worrying about the long queues, internet crashing, credit card machines going down (yes, this has happened before) and the major disappointment of hearing that the dining table you set your heart on has already sold out.

Bella-vita-dining-tableBella Vita dining table (outdoor)

Looking back at previous Black Friday sales, the best items that go on sale sell like hot cakes! This leaves many people walking out of stores without getting what they were waiting for because it has already been sold out. 

We want to help you avoid losing out at all costs, which is why we will stand by our promise and will refund you the difference if that furniture or decor piece goes on sale.

So browse our website or even better visit one of our showrooms in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria or Durban to make sure you don't lose out.


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