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How to take advantage of Black Friday in 2021

No one wants to miss out on a good deal. Especially when Black Friday sales are around the corner. This year Black Friday might be a bit different though.

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3 ways to get your outside space ready for winter

Whilst snuggling up with a blanket indoors during winter is great, you can easily start to feel cooped up, and honestly, that can become frustrating after a while. You need to get out and enjoy the fresh air!

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Summer loving! Get these top poolside looks now

Create the ultimate swimming pool setup this summer with three of the hottest poolside looks!

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From velvet to layering: Check out 2020’s top furniture trends

A new year signifies, for many homeowners and consumers, the start of rejuvenating living spaces with the latest trends ruling international look books. Words like “fresh”, “new” and “update” dominate interior décor blogs and lifestyle pages – no doubt inspiring décor enthusiasts to look beyond [...]

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6 of the best compact sofas for modern small space living

If you are anything like us then you spend your best part (our favourite part) of the week lounging on the sofa, so it makes sense to choose your next one carefully. Especially if you live in a small apartment or house with minimal space. But how do you choose the right sofa and what type do you go [...]

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How to incorporate occasional chairs into your home

An occasional chair is a great way to add character and style to your living space. You can add a different texture, introduce a new colour, or even enhance an existing colour scheme in your room. It is however important to coordinate the style, colour and texture to compliment your existing décor.

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4 ways to create cosy indoor conversational areas

Conversational lounge areas are trending around the world and are topping décor lists for 2018, but what’s the best way to create these with minimal hassle? In fact, it’s easier than you think. Simply incorporate a few pieces of furniture and arrange them the right way and ‘there you are’. We have [...]

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Simple steps to keep your outdoor furniture in tip top condition

Outdoor furniture is meant to be enjoyed, not laboured over in a back-aching attempt to keep it clean. Mobelli takes pride in delivering stylish, durable, stress-free pieces that require minimal upkeep. Maintaining your outdoor furniture shouldn’t feel like a burdensome task. We’ve compiled a list [...]

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How well are your furniture covers protecting your outdoor furniture?

Once upon a time, furniture covers seemed like an absolute necessity. They’re designed to prolong the life of outdoor furniture; safeguarding your investment and shielding it from the elements. Though there are some practical uses for outdoor furniture covers, how can you tell if yours is really [...]

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The Mobelli new indoor furniture collection

We are excited to launch our new indoor furniture collection. Every piece is designed with the same Mobelli philosophy of easy living in mind. Think stain & water resistant fabrics, covers that can be removed for washing, even a microfibre fabric where ink stains can be easily cleaned away. The [...]

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