Top tips for savvy Black Friday shopping

by Clarissa du Plessis On: Black Friday

Planning to shop Black Friday deals? Great news is that you can already shop the Mobelli Black Friday Sale now!

We’ve put together top tips to ensure you are set for a savvy shopping experience.

Know your budget


Determine upfront how much you can spend and make that your yardstick for drawing up a Black Friday budget. It can be tempting to splurge on hot deals and then regret overspending later, so crunch the numbers to get your planning for the big event started.

Measure your space. ALL of it


It sounds like a no-brainer to measure floor space when you plan to go furniture shopping but remember that you need to consider how much space you have to get furniture (especially big items like lounge sets and sofas) through your front door.

The last thing you want is to buy a piece of furniture that you literally must squeeze through the front door – or worse, have to hoist it up your balcony to get it into your apartment.

Write down all measurements and have them ready when you research and eventually go shopping for products.

Get the details – all the options


When it comes to furniture shopping on Black Friday, it is important to compare prices and styles where possible. A sofa, for instance, is not just a sofa: are you looking for a 2- or 3-seater, deep button style or a more relaxed look?

Over and above pouring over websites and adding items to your wish list, it is a good idea to sign up for your favourite retailers’ newsletters. Also keep an eye on social media for Black Friday news.

Window shop before Black Friday


Doing some in-store research won’t hurt – if you are planning to shop furniture, go check out your favourite pieces, test out couches, chairs and sofas, and take pictures with your mobile for reference so you know what you saw where.

Assemble your shopping squad


Whether it is your significant other or best friends, having a shopping partner is great if you come across any two-for-one-deals. On top of that, you will have a trusted voice of reason if you tend to be more on the impulsive side when it comes to shopping.

Be there early

Not much of an early bird? Grab that strong cup of coffee and make an exception if you plan to shop on Black Friday itself. You won’t be the only eager shopper ready to bag a good deal at your favourite retailer, so beat the queues and show up early.

Make sure you are up to speed with Black Friday T&Cs


The terms and conditions for Black Friday sales might be different than regular purchases, so check this beforehand if you can or ask in-store if you are unsure.

Finally: Have fun!

Make sure that you get as much out of your Black Friday shopping experience as you can. We’re not saying go crazy and grab all the deals you can find, but you should have fun doing it.

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