The leaves are falling…

Preparing the the colder months ahead

Since Autumn will soon be beginning, now is a wonderful time to begin thinking about ways to update your space from summer into a more cozy setting during the colder season. Fortunately, Mobelli has your back by offering endless possibilities for adding [...]

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Outdoor Kitchen Dream!

Outdoor kitchens have become this year’s biggest trend in home renovations. when planning your outdoor kitchen, it is key to keep the ambiance of your desired home in mind. Whether you are looking to install a bar, perhaps Mobelli’s Grande Extendable Table, or both, you will need an area that will [...]

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Killing Birds with Mobelli

We want to kill many birds… metaphorically, with only one stone. Don't get us wrong, we are avid bird lovers (except for when they p**p on our furniture) and we would never really want them gone. We are just trying to prove a simple point that can transform your life into one of comfort by [...]

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How To: Get your Mobelli Outdoor Furniture Winter Ready

As the seasons swiftly change from summer to autumn, and the winter- you may worry if your outdoor furniture is protected from all the elements of the African climate. You've got nothing to worry about. Mobelli has you covered as all of our outdoor furniture is manufactured with the South African [...]

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The launch of the Mediterranean collection

We have recently launched the Mediterranean Collection which offers outdoor style at an unbelievable price. Creating sophisticated and comfortable outdoor spaces really doesn’t need to cost the earth. The cost effective Mediterranean range is made from sturdy, scratch resistant, powder coated [...]

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