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5 easy ways to update your living room layout without going nuts

Updating your living room furniture or simply changing the layout can be daunting. Especially if you don't know where to start.

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4 couches that are perfect for your Apartment

Finding the perfect couch for your apartment can prove to be challenging, especially when your main goal is space-optimization. Then only you start thinking of style and making your space look more cozy. So to make your choice easier, here are our favourite couches perfect for carving out a cozy [...]

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How to furnish your Airbnb like a pro

As an Airbnb host/hostess you want every furniture piece and décor accent to give you the most value for money while looking the part and offering the comfort and functionality you want for your guests.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Sleeper Couch

Call it what you want, a sleeper couch, futon or sofa bed - the list goes on. Without a doubt a sleeper couch is one of the greatest inventions in modern décor and definitely a common sight in homes these days.

So why the sudden hype?

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How to nail the indoor-outdoor trend in 2018

Do you ever find yourself staring at your outdoor area, trying to find the inspiration to make it look as good as the inside of your home? Or maybe you know what you want, but you don’t have the right tools to achieve the desired look or you simply don’t know where to start…

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3 Ways to add personality to your outdoor space without breaking the bank

Keeping your outdoor patio area fresh and up to date can be a challenge with trends coming and going faster than ever before, decorating can become expensive if you want to keep up with this seasons colours and decor trends.  If that sounds familiar then you came to the right place. The simplest [...]

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How to choose the right sun lounger for you

Summer is here and with the holidays around the corner thoughts turn to relaxing by the pool. This often means spending time on your sun lounger reading a book or just chilling out. Depending on what your priorities are we have some tips to ensure you have the right lounger that suits you and [...]

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Mobelli shares the top 5 trends for Summer 2016

 With summer upon us we wanted to share our top trends for outdoor living this season. The key trends for this season are all about casual and communal dining as well as bringing indoor luxury to our outdoor spaces. Fully upholstered lounge suites which can be left outdoors in any weather as [...]

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Mobelli Buyback™ programme. Guaranteed 30% buyback on your old Mobelli furniture

Feeling like your existing outdoor furniture is past it's best and it's time for something new? If so then we have the perfect solution with our Furniture for Life initiative. We recognise that during the years tastes and fashions change, circumstances and family requirements develop which means [...]

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Mobelli opens a new store Pretoria

You're invited to visit our new showroom in Menlyn. Pretoria is known for the thousands of Jacaranda trees that fill the streets with their pretty purple leaves as well as the historic buildings, cultural diversity, wildlife, and nature. Mobelli adds to the excitement of the city that we love as [...]

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