3 ways to get your outside space ready for winter

by Vanessa Allan On: creating an outdoor space, outdoor living in winter

With colder weather upon us, we all have the instinct to flee indoors and cocoon ourselves until spring comes; but with the right outdoor furniture you can enjoy your outdoor entertainment space throughout autumn and even on cold winter evenings. By creating a warm and inviting outdoor living area with a beautiful patio heater and comfortable furniture, you can enjoy your patio throughout the year.


1. choose an outdoor heater

Choosing an effective, efficient outdoor gas heater, is essential to enjoy your outdoor area on chilly evenings.

The Falo Evo from Mobelli Furniture + Living represents the evolution of the patio heater. The Falo will operate in all weather conditions and is easy, hassle-free and safe to use, with an electronic ignition and a fail switch that kicks in when knocked over. The visible dancing flame attracts people by creating an ambience reminiscent of a campfire while radiating enough heat to keep you warm.

 Falo Evo outdoor heater.jpg


2. add a rug 

Outdoor rugs can also transform any patio space into a gorgeous ‘room’ by giving your home a unique personality while bringing warmth to your outdoor space and adding a softer feel to tiled areas. They can also be used to ‘define’ particular outdoor living areas such as the dining or lounging area. Mobelli Furniture + Living rugs are durable and resistant to UV as well as mould and mildew. These stylish, high-quality rugs are easy to clean and maintain, and can stay outside in all weather conditions.


Outdoor rugs.jpg 

3. bring in the light

Creating the right ambience with lighting can make all the difference to enjoying your outside space in chilly evenings. The Mobelli Furniture + Living orb balls are colourful and portable having no electrical cables. They are fully waterproof so you can leave them outside even in the rain.  With 16 different colours and 4 different effects, you can customise your own lighting theme bringing a warm atmosphere to the space.


Orb balls.jpg

                                                                                  Orb balls green.jpg   Orb balls red.jpg


If you’re dreading the onset of chilly nights, then don't worry - just keep these 3 tips in mind and you’ll have an outdoor space you can relax in all winter long! Should you need advice on how to put these ideas into action in your own personal space just give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

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